The Clodette comes from childhood memories, from a time when everything around you seemed huge, like tables that were too high, chairs that were too big, sofas that were too low and so on. This enormous dimension makes you feel enveloped, or rather protected and liberated. The spherical chair has an oversized shape that is […]


With its varied, rounded shapes and playful characteristics, the fascinating Tribù sofa arouses curiosity and invites you to discover more. Alex Leuzinger designed Tribù based on his personal childhood memories. Impressions from Alex’s travels to Africa in earlier times are an important source of inspiration for the design language. The Tribù sofa embodies the vision […]


KARUKERA is inspired by the beautiful archipelago of Guadeloupe, which encloses the beautiful bay between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The side table with its rounded glass pane, which floats harmoniously above the solid base carved from lava, is reminiscent of the deep ocean, the water of which floats across the seabed. The […]


PAM is a handcrafted tubular wooden chair whose shape imitates the structure of a palm leaf. The curved frame is made of walnut. The design is characterized by flawless workmanship and elegant geometry. The sleek and slender, feminine-looking silhouette was the source of inspiration for the name “PAM”. The chair is suitable for indoor and […]


COMING SOON … Available via


The beautiful RIALTO boat sofa is an exquisite work of art. The striking combination of materials creates an amazing contrast and gives the sofa its unique look. Metal legs, a matt Canaletto walnut frame and the light gray textile upholstery form the simple and timeless silhouette of the handcrafted sofa. Available via


The elegant ONDA table has a filigree structure. The table top is formed from a single piece of wood that has been bent with heat. The sustainably produced office table is made of polished wood and a tiny metal tube that connects the table top to its cubic leg or storage compartment. The slim silhouette […]


The PHANTOM 01 chair’s mix of walnut and brass creates a smooth appearance. The significant design and quality of the cantilever armchair evoke a feeling of power and authority. The sculptural chair is an object dedicated exclusively to hedonistic design enthusiasts.