Exclusive villa designs: luxurious wellness oases on the Gold Coast of Lake Zurich


The Gold Coast, also known as the “Golden Coast”, is a small village on the north side of Lake Zurich near Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland. The Swiss state is no small place when it comes to beauty, charisma, history and everything in between. As a popular place for modern and historic architecture and centers, choosing this red and yellow flag country for a vacation, tour or business meeting is an exquisite decision. The climatic conditions, the high mountain regions and the windy landscapes all contribute to making it a beauty not to be missed.

In addition to its charisma (thanks to nature), the Gold Coast is also home to some of the best wellness hotels in Switzerland. The most profound features of relaxation in this profound place are the exquisite and eye-catching architecture. The impressive interior design of the wellness villas and their individual furnishings are also remarkable.

In this article, we present the top 3 luxury wellness oases on the Gold Coast of Lake Zurich and their most beautiful villas.

Luxurious wellness oases on the Gold Coast of Lake Zurich

  1. Contemporary villa

One of the best luxury wellness and relaxation centers in the heart of Gold Coast, Zurich, is the Contemporary Villa. As the site claims, “a modern villa on Lake Zurich with a magnificent panoramic view of the Alps”, the oasis boasts; large rooms, terrace and covered parking. Below you will find some of the exceptional features of this stunning wellness hotel in Switzerland.

  • Mediterranean-style bathroom

What screams luxury louder than a monochrome, rustic ambience and a traditional-looking private bathroom? You can be sure that it is Mediterranean-inspired!

With patterned tiles, wooden shelves and stone walls, luxury isn’t a complete word without a dose of old classic design features in your interiors. This feature gives the Contemporary Villa an edge over its Gold Coast competitors, as nothing beats the sight of an exquisitely designed washroom!

  • Walk-in closet

If you are fed up with the sight of conventional wardrobes and boring storage spaces, you should definitely have one of these modern and stylish “walk-in closets” in your villa. These cabinets have proven to be far better than conventional cabinets as they keep things airy and also last longer. In addition to its modernity, it is able to make a room appear spacious and keep things in check.

  • Wide bay window

Sightseeing while resting is not a bad idea. If you’re convinced (and you should be), then wide bay windows will be your best friends (and spots in the room). These simple but effective elements are able to make any room appear more spacious, airy and radiant.

With a few fixings in various places in your guests’ room, they can enjoy a beautiful view at any time of day.

  1. Atrium apartments

Speaking of “peace and serenity”: the Atrium knows how to combine the right colors, furniture and designs to portray this necessary aura within its walls. After all, what would a wellness center be if its surroundings could not convey a sense of calm to the soul? Influenced by the perfect choice of layout and furniture pieces, some of the key features that makes this villa an enviable one:

  • Terrace

It’s a smart move by Atrium to create a relaxing outdoor space where 3 – 5 friends/family members or business partners can meet and chat. If you create such a space in your villa, your guests will be happy and satisfied that they have a room where they can relax and refresh with their companions. Think of it as a meeting center for your guests and design it with this in mind!

  • Open fireplace

Sounds traditional, but it’s another feature that makes guests want to book another vacation/date. Contemplating a crackling fire in a warm, cozy place is indeed wonderful when you imagine it. How much more if you make it a reality for your valued visitors?

  • Cozy reading corner

Chances are that some (or all) of your guests will enjoy reading books. A special place where they can do their favorite activity shows that you are thinking of them. It’s a subtle way of saying: “We love you as much as you love reading your books”. Clever, isn’t it?

  1. Villa Prima

Luxury cannot be concealed – it is unmistakable and this also applies to Villa Prima on the Gold Coast in Zurich. Surrounded by lush greenery and Lake Zurich, this wellness center offers everything you need to relax and rejuvenate. Some of the most important features of the villa are:

  • Roof terrace

A beautiful meeting place with a view of nature is not a bad idea for a luxury wellness center. With cozy and comfortable chairs, low tables and soft carpets, a rooftop terrace is complete and ready to serve your guests who will soon be blown away. This outdoor design idea is simple yet classic enough to make your guests want to come back and enjoy the beauty of nature to the full.

  • Outdoor dining

Retain your guests with exquisite outdoor catering facilities and spaces. If you offer them another opportunity to eat, you can win their hearts. This can either be a standard dining room or a traditional arrangement (rather without furniture). In any case, it is a unique and simple design idea.

  • Heated outdoor pool

Everyone can swear that they miss going to the pool in winter. But what’s a luxurious villa if your guests can’t have everything they want despite the weather? Heated outdoor pools may seem unnecessary, but they are not! Apart from being a great feature that will ensure your villa is booked all year round, their structure and installation will give your villa a more beautiful architecture and appearance.


With the above ideas, you will never run out of exquisite design options for your villa. These tips, from the best luxury wellness centers on the Gold Coast, will guide you in choosing indoor and outdoor furniture, colors and even planning your architecture. However, don’t be limited by the ideas mentioned above, as the design requires creativity.


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