Wellness weekend by the water: design concepts for sauna and whirlpool enthusiasts on the Gold Coast


The use of saunas arose from the need to keep warm during the dreadful winter months. The Finns – the first inventors of the sauna – originally used it for bathing and to protect the body from freezing, but with time, technology and taste, the idea of freezing prevention has evolved into a tool for relaxation, rejuvenation and wellness treatment. Today, it is an exquisite feature of first-class hotels and luxury homes. Sauna and jacuzzi are a worthwhile subject for interior design studies.

The terms sauna and whirlpool are often used interchangeably, although there is a significant difference. In the sauna, the heat is used to make the body sweat, while in the whirlpool, warm jets of water massage the body underwater. Both are therapeutic, safe to use and have a rejuvenating effect. They have been proven to burn calories, improve thinking and sleep and relieve the body of stress.

Apart from the therapeutic effect of heat and massage, a beautiful and artistically designed sauna/whirlpool improves the quality of the results through positive and pleasant perception. In this article you will find design concepts that you can incorporate into your sauna/spa to achieve a stylish and classic look.

What is important when designing a sauna and whirlpool?

Materials used

Your floor covering is important (very important). You don’t want sizzling skin in the name of rejuvenation. A wooden floor is better than tiles because wood does not retain heat as easily as tiles, and you can sit back and enjoy the therapeutic effect of the warmth. There are several types of wood to choose from, from cedar to pine and eucalyptus. Each of these options is well suited. However, a tiled or heat-resistant plastic floor is the perfect choice for a whirlpool.

Heating system

There are various heaters you can use to heat your sauna, and the beauty of it is that you can buy one within your budget. There is the traditional heating system (stone and coal), the gas or electric system and the (more expensive) infrared heating system. Each has its pros and cons (as expected), and it’s imperative that you do your financing to determine which one you choose based on your budget and preferred architectural design.

What doesn’t matter?

Having a sauna or hot tub in your room sounds like a lot. Have you ever toyed with the idea of owning such a system and replied “Sounds great, but I don’t have enough space”? That is about to change!

Whether as an escape from the freezing weather or for a spa weekend in Switzerland with a few companions, your favorite activity – a massage in the hot tub or a warm-up workout in the sauna – is no longer impossible to bring home.Turns out, you don’t need a large space to own one (or both!) of these rejuvenating cabins. You can purchase a 5″ x 5″ walk-in sauna with all the features you love to enjoy, or a hot tub that is 5′ 4″ long and 5′ 4″ wide without missing a single feature.So yes, when it comes to owning your own sauna/hot tub, a small space is not an issue and is not an excuse.

5 design concepts for saunas and whirlpools

Aside from taking in the vast mountains and beautiful Lake Zurich, another thing you’ll want to do in your free time on the Gold Coast is to use the sauna or hot tub to sweat off the stress and hiss the frustrations out of your body. Owning one is luxury, designing it beautifully is finesse.

When looking for design concepts for your sauna or whirlpool, don’t rack your brains. We have 5 solid sauna & jacuzzi design concepts that I would like to share with you below:

  1. Ice sauna

What do you think happens when ice builds up the heat? You will discover the extraordinary feeling you get when the walls and floor of your sauna are specially made of ice, a concept that is ideal for sauna lovers who want to have their favorite place outdoors. Normally your visit lasts until the ice melts. A great way to enjoy your wellness weekend with a few friends” Frozen yogurt and fondue.

  1. Place it in your bathroom

When it comes to having a place to go after a hot session in the sauna or hot tub, it is an excellent decision to place the cabins in your bathroom.start by clearing out unneeded materials, making some space or enlarging your bathroom a little to fit your sauna/hot tub. The result is an “at-home spa” and is simply incredible!

  1. Go outdoors

Especially for Gold Coast residents, it’s a great choice to set up the sauna or hot tub in an open outdoor space to take a break from the heat after a hot bath. How does it sound to gaze out over the beautiful icy mountains or the glistening Lake Zurich while enjoying a hot rejuvenating bath? Magical, of course!

  1. Lighting and decoration

A few lighting elements and some decor might be all you need to transform your sauna and hot tub from “bland” or “plain” to “gorgeous”. With scented candles, flowers or infusions, you can make your sauna sessions even more sensual, calming and fulfilling, and your personal touch will make them stand out from the rest. Let your creativity run wild and have fun using lighting elements and decorative materials in and around your sauna and/or whirlpool.

  1. Neutral colors are the best choice

All elements of a sauna/spa should work together to fulfill their purpose – to heal and rejuvenate the body, which is what neutral colors do when used in place of brighter or duller colors. Neutral colors such as: Beige, gray, brown, cream, taupe, black and white have a calming effect and fulfill the main function of a therapy cabin.


A sauna or whirlpool where you can escape after an exciting activity is relaxing. Making them more aesthetically pleasing is the task at hand. With the above ideas, your work to make your safe haven a more pleasant and effective place will be reduced. Don’t be afraid to try out other options and DIY processes to bring your personality to the table.