In recent years STUDIOFORMA has succeeded in building up a broad spectrum of architectural and design expertise. The studio plans and carries out architectural projects ranging from new buildings and extensions to building and façade renovations, conversions and listed buildings. The studio is also known for its exceptionally creative and unique interior design concepts, which it creates for luxury brands, private homes, retailers, offices, hotels and restaurants. Product Design, as a business unit, was officially launched in 2015 to offer customers and other companies the indispensable added value of product innovation.

Our main goal is to put a smile on your face with the projects we design and realize. We want to support you with our technical and creative expertise in the implementation of your planned project. The first step you need to take is
to contact us .



We recommend a feasibility study if you are not sure what to do with your available land. Once you have explained your project goals to us, we will help you to check whether they are realistic or feasible. We evaluate the benefits and possible risks and then recommend suitable solutions. The study is promising for owners and decision-makers, as our proposed technical and design solutions allow you to avoid construction risks and thus make more profitable investments. The feasibility study proceeds in the following steps.

  • Analysis of the legal guidelines
  • Volume study
  • Proposed solutions / design recommendations
  • Advice from the owner



Architecture encompasses the design and realization of a vision. Our aim is to find the best possible solution for you, combining your vision with our creativity, technical expertise and attention to detail. We work closely with you throughout the construction process to ensure the desired result and to complete your project on time and on budget. Our architecture process is as follows.

  • Analysis, concept creation and design options
  • Building application
  • Invitation to tender
  • Detailed planning
  • Implementation planning
  • Site management



Beautiful and passionately designed rooms evoke pleasing emotions. Our ingenious team has the necessary skills and experience to develop fascinating interior concepts for you. The right atmosphere is extremely important, be it at home, in the office or in a restaurant and more. That’s why we are passionate about beautifying every corner of your interior, which will ultimately shine in new splendor. Our preliminary phase has proven to be a tried and tested method in which we put together sketch proposals and a mood board that meet your requirements. This type of approach saves time and enables you and us to act at an early stage. We proceed as follows in our interior design process.

  • Analysis
  • Development of concepts
  • Materialization
  • Detailed planning
  • The invitation to tender
  • Implementation



“Luxury is not a necessity for me, but the poetry of beauty is.” – Alex Leuzinger

When we talk about luxury, the brand comes first. We understand the subtle interplay between a luxury brand and a product, and the careful details that combine to create an exceptional customer experience. We believe that the strength of a brand is not only measured by its products or capabilities; everything a customer sees plays a crucial role in the perception of the brand image. The areas we design emphasize the products on display and at the same time enable employees to serve customers effortlessly and effectively. To this day, we shape the design and architecture of famous and luxurious brands in the watch, jewelry and fashion industries and many others. Our design process for retail is as follows.

  • Creation of design concepts
  • Concept development
  • Cost optimization and implementation of existing concepts
  • Development of a design booklet with materialization, design elements and detailed specifications
  • Project management



There are no limits to creativity. Our motto here at DESIGNLAB is “Nothing can stop a good idea”. In all our efforts to design a product, we blend technical innovation with traditional craftsmanship. We rethink the existing and challenge the unknown. With a diverse background, such as in product and graphic design as well as fashion, we are able to deliver an outstanding level of results. We develop customized product design concepts for international brands.

  • Design objects
  • Tailor-made design concept